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XML Publication ProcessxmlpublishingHL7's Publishing Process is undergoing transition to be able to produce a complete specification, validate offline in a WYSIWYG presentation and then contribute to a integrated publishing process to produce a ballot level specification and normative edition. This project will track progress toward that target(Project not rated)
WGM Meeting Room Request Formes_wgm_rm_rqstThis project will provide a centralized point for the tracking of the new WGM Meeting Room request issues and any other pertinant documents.(Project not rated)
Web WidgetwebwidgetThis web widget component enables XML-based authoring of Healthcare standards payloads. It simplifies the buildup of HL7 markup for V3 based rich text, namely <hl7:text> element, and better enables richer web applications based on Ajax and XForms.(Project not rated)
Vocabulary Toolingvocab-toolsA graphical user interface to allow users to browse, search, and edit the contents of the HL7 vocabulary by creating machine processible vocabulary change events (i.e. Harmonization Proposals).(Project not rated)
Vista Compatibility of HL7 Toolsvista-compatThis project is established to document efforts to assess and assure the compatibility of HL7 Tools (in use in February 2007) for use under the newly released Microsoft Vista operating system.(Project not rated)
V2 code table migration V3 terminologyvtwotovthreeV2 code table versioning and alignment to V3 vocabulary model Identify the v3 terminology model component(s) associated with each code table that ever existed in the V2.x standard.(Project not rated)
V2 and V3 Mapping Toolsv2v3-mappingEclipse-based tools for semantic mapping and data transformation, with extensions for HL7 V2 and V3. They can map, translate and test HL7 V2 to other data formats, or V3 to other data formats, or V2 - V3 in either direction. (Project not rated)
UML Toolinguml-toolsThis project contains UML modeling tools that support development of HL7 standards. It includes a UML profile for HDF (additional HL7 metadata added to UML models), importing MIF to UML, and Eclipse UI extensions for HL7 modeling.(Project not rated)
TSCtscThis project is intended to be used by TSC for issue tracking, tasks tracking, surveys, version control, and document management.  Comments...
Trauma Registry Submissiontrauma_cda_dstuThis project is for participants in the Trauma Registry Submission CDA implementation guide DSTU process(Project not rated)
Tooling Documentationtool-proc-archThis project contains all tooling documentation, including tutorials and presentations, for HL7-supported tools. It also provides "tracker" capability for recording requirements and issues related to the need for new tools.(Project not rated)
Tooling ChallengetoolchallengeRepository for winning submissions to the HL7 Tooling Challenge(Project not rated)
TermInfo DSTUterminfoThe TermInfo Topic - "Using SNOMED CT in HL7 Version 3: Implementation Guide, Release 1.4" has been declared a Draft Standard For Trial Use (DSTU). This project will track feedback and issue resolution from early adopters.(Project not rated)
Templates RegistrytemplatesregThe HL7 Template Registry is expected to be implemented in conjunction with Open Health Tools as part of a Shared Artifact Repository. This project will follow the development of the Templates Registry service from the inception through to deployment.(Project not rated)
T3SDt3sdThis project aims to help the Technical & Support Services Steering Division (T3SD) to manage tasks, strategies, and administrative documents.(Project not rated)
Structured DocumentsstrucdocThis project is intended to be used by the Structured Documents Work Group for issues and tasks tracking, version control of source artifacts, and document management.(Project not rated)
SHARE ProjectshareThe SHARE project provides affiliates the ability to submit requests for their artifacts to appear on HL7's product brief page(Project not rated)
Service Oriented ArchitecturesoageneralThis repository contains versioned material for SOA WG projects. In particular, it provides an svn versioned repository for shared Enterprise Architect models supporting SFM specifications(Project not rated)
Security WGsecurityThe purpose and scope of this project includes incorporation of additional RBAC permission vocabulary (e.g. Healthcare Financial Transactions), Privacy Consents and Constraints.(Project not rated)
SAIF-CDsaeafThis project focuses on Service Aware Interoperability Framework - Canonical Definition.  Comments...
SAIF Architecture Programsaif-arch-pgmThe purpose of the SAIF Architecture Program is to coordinate all the activities necessary to “stand-up” HL7’s Enterprise Architecture based on SAIF and maintain that architecture going forward.(Project not rated)
RoseTreerose-treeThe RoseTree is a VB application that serves as an interface to the HL7 repository; provides a browser for the RIM and Vocabulary. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)
RMIM Designer Currentvisio-rmim-desiThis project provides a common locale from which to manage the source code and release of the R-MIM Designer tool developed in Visio. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)
RCRIMrcrimThis is a project page for the HL7 Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM) Work Group.(Project not rated)
Publishing V2 HL7 V2 re-factor projectv2_refactorThis project will refactor Version 2 • From discrete Microsoft Word documents • Which are published erratically Into another media TBD, published annually..(Project not rated)
Publishing Tool Kitpub-tool-kitThis project provides a shared single source for the transforms and other tools that are used to develop and publish the V3 specifications.(Project not rated)
Public HealthpherThis project is intended to be used by the Public Health and Emergency Response (PHER) Work Group for issues and tasks tracking, version control of source artifacts, and document management.(Project not rated)
Project ServicespscThe mission of Project Services Committee is to support the HL7 mission to create and promote its standards by providing the project management infrastructure and services in support of work group activities.(Project not rated)
phi-Technologyphi-technologyphi-Technology is * A process oriented e-Health Designer and a Runtime Environment for e-Health applications. * fully RIM based (RIMBAA Application) * Based on Model-Driven-Architecture and Service-Oriented-Architecture * Based on open source software and OPEN MODEL * Oriented to a large community of users not necessarily computer experts(Project not rated)
Pharmacy WGpharmacysigThe Pharmacy SIG project contains all the artifacts being developed for the PORX Ballot Content.(Project not rated)
Patient CarepatientcareHL7 V3 Patient Care Ballot Material The Patient Care Repository project contains all the artifacts being developed for the Patient Care Ballot Content.(Project not rated)
Patient Administrationpatient-adminThis project focuses on interoperability among clinical and non-clinical systems regarding patient encounters and administrative registries. Specific topics include: encounter management; person and patient registries; provider, organization and service delivery location registries, and scheduling.(Project not rated)
Orders and ObservationsordersThe goal of this project is to define messages to support the order communication and observation reporting processing requirements between the stakeholders in the healthcare organization regarding patients, people, other species, or inanimate objects.(Project not rated)
ONC SDO Collaborationonc_sdocollabThis project supports the components within the ONC Grant funded opportunity: Standards Development Organization Collaboration to Enhance Standards Alignment, Testing, and Measurement. The approach focuses on adding conformance to US Implementation Guides.(Project not rated)
ONC Enhancing C-CDA/FHIR ImplementationenhanceccdaimplThis project supports the components within the ONC Grant funded opportunity: Enhancing C-CDA and FHIR Implementation.(Project not rated)
Model Automated eXchange (MAX)maxModel Automated eXchange (MAX) is a project intended to develop a tool to facilitate the exchange of model data between UML modeling tools used to develop DAMs and DCMs such as Enterprise Architect and external data structures.(Project not rated)
MnM Projectmnm-projectThis is the Modeling & Methodology project page. It supports various trackers and other management functions.(Project not rated)
MITA ProjectmitaThe HL7 Medicaid Information Technology Architecture Project: Development of information models, vocabulary, and message/service standards supporting Medicaid health information exchange requirements, including EHRS and PHRS functional model profiles.(Project not rated)
MIF Utilitiesmif-utilsThe MIF utilities project is where a set of tools intended to allow comparison of MIFs is located.(Project not rated)
MIF Schemasmif-schemasThe HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF) defines a series of schemas for XML files that will hold the content of HL7 Version 3 specifications. This project holds the schemas and their documentation. The MIF has also been balloted as an HL7 Informative document, and that content may be found at: http://www.hl7.org/v3ballot/html/infrastructure/mif/mif.html(Project not rated)
Messaging WorkbenchmwbThe Messaging Workbench is a multipurpose productivity tool for HL7 V2.x implementers. It facilitates rapid development of specifications and reports. It also incorporates an online message validation service, and message generator for use in testing.(Project not rated)
Lab WGlabsigThis Work Group project helps to assure that the HL7 V3 messages and models concerning laboratory related information address all of the requirements of the many stakeholders and variations in different countries.(Project not rated)
INM Wrappers R2inm_wrappers_r2Project to ballot Wrappers R1 as Wrappers R2(Project not rated)
InM Projectinm_messagingInfrastructure and Messaging (InM) general projects(Project not rated)
Implementation Guideimpl-guideThis project provides tools for the creation and publication of implementation guides for HL7 V3 Specifications. Initial creation funded by NLM.(Project not rated)
IHTSDO Workbenchihtsdo-wbenchThe IHTSDO Workbench is under consideration as a new tool to support management of HL7 vocabulary, including vocabulary harmonization. This project will be used to communicate HL7's evaluation and any subsequent Workbench change requests in conjuction with the OHT IHTSDO project.(Project not rated)
HL7 V3 PubToolsv3-publicationsProvide a general project for developing and managing the software and related tools used to support the development and Publishing of V3 textual content. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)
HL7 V3 Publishing Facilitator's Guidev3pubfacguideThis project will collect updates and improvements to produce a current up to date version of the Publishing Facilitator's Guide(Project not rated)
HL7 V3 PubDbpubdbPubDb is a set of linked forms in Access supported by VBA code. Serves to document thestatic and dynamic models of a domain. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)
HL7 V3 Generatorv3-generatorThe V3 Generator takes XML expressions of static models, and transforms them to: - MIF Files (both MIF 1 and MIF 2); - Static schemas, - Interaction schemas, = table views, and Excel files. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)

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