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Abstract Transport Specificationabs_trans_specThe Abstract Transports Specification (ATS) describes the functional characteristics of the Messaging Infrastructures that are of general interest to HL7 applications, such as reliable messaging, delivery assurances, addressing etc, and logical devices, such as routers and bridges, which participate in the movement of composite messages between senders and receivers. It aims to define abstract messaging infrastructure concepts, rules and mechanisms for or in a HL7 compliant network.(Project not rated)
ARB-FHIR-to-RIM-semanticsarb_fhir_rimThe scope of this project is to define, design, develop, and demonstrate how tools based on RDF/semantic technologies can be used as part of the FHIR specification process to ensure that all FHIR specifications (and FHIR profiles) that fall within the jurisdiction of HL7 balloted artifacts can ensure the development of computable semantic links between FHIR artifacts and RIM semantic artifacts.(Project not rated)
ARB - General non-projectarbgeneralnon-project ARB work(Project not rated)
BRIDG (Biomed Research Integ Dom Grp)bridgBRIDG (Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group) Work Group Project(Project not rated)
CBCPcbccThe mission of the CBCC project is to facilitate the development and acceptance of HL7 standards and related activities specific to supporting the provision of care and servcies to individuals in community and non-acute residential care settings.  Comments...
CCD to Blue Button Transform Toolccd2bbtoolThe CCD2BB Tool Project tracks the status of member and non-member requests for support, issue resolution and enhancement.(Project not rated)
CCOWccowThe scope of the project is composed of the two tasks: provide Context Participants a way to obtain SAML assertions about the user in context and establish a CCOW user into context using a SAML assertion.(Project not rated)
CMET ManagementcmetThis project will provide a centralized point for the tracking of CMET Id requests and the information about the status of CMET ballots.(Project not rated)
ConformanceconformanceThs project will support Conformance-related projects across HL7 product families.(Project not rated)
Clinical Trial Registry and ResultsctrrDevelop and maintain one or more globally recognized data exchange standards for use in providing the information required to register clinical trials in trial registries and to summarize trial results in results databases in accordance with global requirements. An HL7 V3 message for the data exchange to clinical trial registries and trial results databases. The message will provide transport of protocol-related information to register a clinical trial and the information summarizing trial result outcomes.(Project not rated)
DCM Model Creatordcm_eaDetailed Clinical Model templates and UML Profile MDG Technology for Enterprise Architect. An extension for creating consistent DCM's conform ISO 13972.(Project not rated)
DCM for Medical DevicesdcmmdThe intent of this project is to create and maintain one generic Detailed Clinical Model (DCM) that defines the main concepts of using medical device related to data safety and traceability for patient care. This DCM is intended to be reused in other domains where devices play a role in assessment and treatment.(Project not rated)
DESDdesdThis project is intended to be used by the Domain Experts Steering Division (DESD) for issue tracking, tasks tracking, surveys, version control, and document management.(Project not rated)
HL7 V3 Design Repositorydesign-reposThis project contains four packages: HL7 "CoreMif" Instances of RIM, Vocab Data Types and CMETinfo; HL7 Design/RIM Repository, CMETinfo and FormalNamingSource. For Tools Documentation Click on the "Project Home Page" link below.(Project not rated)
EHR LegalehrlegalThis project is intended to assess the gaps, overlaps and conflicts between existing and on-going standards development performed by various HL7 Work Groups as it relates to records management and evidentiary support functionality.(Project not rated)
EHR-S FM Profiling toolehrsfm_profileEHR-S FM Profiling tool tool to create EHR-S FM profiles (starting with the EHR-S FM R2), with enforced profiling rules, and exports as documents, support for an XML interchange format for reuse across profile tool instances or for use in other tools(Project not rated)
EMS PCR CDAems_pcr_cdaThis project tracks issues with and changes to the EMS PCR CDA guide during the DSTU phase(Project not rated)
ONC Enhancing C-CDA/FHIR ImplementationenhanceccdaimplThis project supports the components within the ONC Grant funded opportunity: Enhancing C-CDA and FHIR Implementation.(Project not rated)
Electronic Services and ToolsescThe Electronic Services and Tools Work Group is directed by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to oversee and prioritize HL7 headquarters’ electronic services with a mission of optimizing all forms of electronic interaction with HL7.org.(Project not rated)
WGM Meeting Room Request Formes_wgm_rm_rqstThis project will provide a centralized point for the tracking of the new WGM Meeting Room request issues and any other pertinant documents.(Project not rated)
FHIRfhirFast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR - pronounced "FIRE") - new specification aimed at making implementation of the HL7 interoperability standards simpler(Project not rated)
FHIR_DAF_fhirdafThis project aims to create Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Profiles for access to discrete Meaningful Use Stage 2 data as FHIR resource instances. It is not the intention of this project to create new FHIR resource, but work with resource profile owners if necessary.(Project not rated)
FHIR Repository Process Project.fhirreposHL7 process for the use of and business requirements for validation and repository of FHIR resources, extensions, profiles & IGs(Project not rated)
Financial Managementfm-tc-ballotThis is a project homepage of the Financial Management (FM) Technical Committee for developing new releases of FIAB, FICR, and various CMETs as well as a new domain for coverage, FICO.(Project not rated)
FTSDftsdFT Steering Division is one of four steering divisions under the HL7 Technical Steering Committee.(Project not rated)
Clinical GenomicsgenomicsThe focus of clinical genomics work project is the personalization (differences in individual's genome) of the genomic data and the linking to relevant clinical information. The group's work products support both personalized healthcare and clinical research.(Project not rated)
gfgroup_testgfgroup_testgfg_test(Project not rated)
Gforge test Projectgfg_testGforge group project for testing purposes(Project not rated)
GRSN Implementation Guidancegsrn-hl7Creation of implementation guidance for GS1 GSRN identification in HL7 standards(Project not rated)
Healthcare Priv & Sec by Design IGhcarep_sbdigThis IG will contain: • Modeling concepts based on the SAIF - Canonical Definition (SAIF-CD) describing privacy and security and taking into account existing privacy and security specifications from HL7 such as Privacy, Access and Security Services (PASS); • Document artifact templates and examples; • Guidance for standards developers on how to apply the SAIF framework to security; and • Conformance statements and technology neutral guidance for operationalizing and testing a standard’s conformance with the SAIF-CD.(Project not rated)
HL7 Development Framework (HDF)hdfThis project is intended to define and maintain the methodology applied by all the committees for project initiation, requirements analysis, standard design, implementation, standard approval process, etc.(Project not rated)
Emergency Care Domain Analysis Modelhl7ecwgdamEmegency Care Workgroup at HL7 project to develop integrated standards for management of emergency care related information including data elements, information models, business models and EDIS functional model.(Project not rated)
HL7 OWLhl7owlThis project is used for the creation and maintenance of artifacts (transforms, base ontologies, etc.) related to exposing Core HL7 v3 artifacts in Web Ontology Language (OWL). It may eventually extend to support artifacts related to non-core v3 artifacts other HL7 specifications produced by HL7.(Project not rated)
Care Coordination Servicehl7_soa_ccsSOA services specification to provide capabilities to support patient care coordination across the continuum.(Project not rated)
Datatypeshl7v3This is a project page for the HL7 V3 Datatypes.(Project not rated)
HL7 Business Architecture Modelhlbam2bTo define the Business Architecture to be for HL7(Project not rated)
HL7 Eclipse ToolinghtcThis project is maintained in the OHT software repository, also known as the Open Health Forge (http://www.openhealthtools.org/OHTForge.htm). The current release of the HL7 V3 Eclipse-based tooling is bundled in a package called the Open Health Workbench.(Project not rated)
IHTSDO Workbenchihtsdo-wbenchThe IHTSDO Workbench is under consideration as a new tool to support management of HL7 vocabulary, including vocabulary harmonization. This project will be used to communicate HL7's evaluation and any subsequent Workbench change requests in conjuction with the OHT IHTSDO project.(Project not rated)
Implementation Guideimpl-guideThis project provides tools for the creation and publication of implementation guides for HL7 V3 Specifications. Initial creation funded by NLM.(Project not rated)
InM Projectinm_messagingInfrastructure and Messaging (InM) general projects(Project not rated)
INM Wrappers R2inm_wrappers_r2Project to ballot Wrappers R1 as Wrappers R2(Project not rated)
HL7 Internship ProjectinternGraduate Students - Class Projects(Project not rated)
Lab WGlabsigThis Work Group project helps to assure that the HL7 V3 messages and models concerning laboratory related information address all of the requirements of the many stakeholders and variations in different countries.(Project not rated)
Model Automated eXchange (MAX)maxModel Automated eXchange (MAX) is a project intended to develop a tool to facilitate the exchange of model data between UML modeling tools used to develop DAMs and DCMs such as Enterprise Architect and external data structures.(Project not rated)
MIF Schemasmif-schemasThe HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF) defines a series of schemas for XML files that will hold the content of HL7 Version 3 specifications. This project holds the schemas and their documentation. The MIF has also been balloted as an HL7 Informative document, and that content may be found at: http://www.hl7.org/v3ballot/html/infrastructure/mif/mif.html(Project not rated)
MIF Utilitiesmif-utilsThe MIF utilities project is where a set of tools intended to allow comparison of MIFs is located.(Project not rated)
MITA ProjectmitaThe HL7 Medicaid Information Technology Architecture Project: Development of information models, vocabulary, and message/service standards supporting Medicaid health information exchange requirements, including EHRS and PHRS functional model profiles.(Project not rated)
MnM Projectmnm-projectThis is the Modeling & Methodology project page. It supports various trackers and other management functions.(Project not rated)
Messaging WorkbenchmwbThe Messaging Workbench is a multipurpose productivity tool for HL7 V2.x implementers. It facilitates rapid development of specifications and reports. It also incorporates an online message validation service, and message generator for use in testing.(Project not rated)
ONC SDO Collaborationonc_sdocollabThis project supports the components within the ONC Grant funded opportunity: Standards Development Organization Collaboration to Enhance Standards Alignment, Testing, and Measurement. The approach focuses on adding conformance to US Implementation Guides.(Project not rated)

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