HDF Methodology Example Projects.

For those new to HDF and Domain Analysis Modeling, there are additional approved DAMs available - including UML model in Enterprise Architect:


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HDF 1.5 Release Available

The latest release of the HDF pending alignment with ECCF is available at:
Sample domain analysis models are available on the V3 ballot site:
DSTU domain analysis models are available at:
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HDF 1.4 Published (September 2009 V3 Ballot)

HDF 1.4 - updated based on your peer review comments - was published on the HL7 V3 Ballot site and release
Additional comments may be be entered at:

HDF Peer Review

The HDF is available for peer review through March 15th 2009.
Please submit your comments in the designated tracker:
http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/project/hdf/ -> Tracker -> Peer Review.

HDF Ready for Peer Review

The HDF is ready for peer review. Please use the tracker tool, "Peer Review" tracker to enter your issues.