Installation Problem - solved

To install successfully: (a) ensure your system is running Java 1.6; and (b) create a folder C:Xlib to hold temporary files.

Installation Problem

There is a problem installing the plugins, not yet solved. After installing (on a machine where they have never been before), they are not active or visible. In Eclipse Help > Configuration Details you can see
*** Plug-in Registry:
com.charteris.mapper (1.0.1) "Charteris Mapper Editor" [Installed]
The last [Installed] should be [Active] or [Starting]. This will not be fixed for the next few days. If anyone has any useful advice, please email... (see more)

Eclipse Release of HL7 Mapping Tools

The V2-V3 Mapping tools have been enhanced and ported to Eclipse EMF. Using a mapper editor, they can now map V2 to other data sources, V3 to other data sources, or V2 to V3. Translations between data formats are generated from the mappings. There are automated tools to test translations with example instances.
Users are invited to contribute to a pool of shared mappings for commonly used transformations, to give anyone a head start in building reliable message transformations.